Hitting the road | Starting DHL’s renewable journey

DHL Supply Chain Ireland, a wing of the world-renowned and trusted DHL brand, operates 150+ heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in Ireland.

The global group of companies is committed to a zero emissions target by 2050 and is a proud signatory of the Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI) Low Carbon Pledge.

VisionGreen works with DHL to help them optimize costs and emissions; and provide circular economy solutions to fulfil their commitments as a socially-responsible business.

After partnering to pilot gas-powered vehicles in DHL Ireland’s fleet, VisionGreen is now supporting DHL’s wider strategy toward a transition to alternative fuels.

DHL’s Problem

The greatest source of emissions for a haulage and supply chain company is primarily transport, especially for a large global operator like DHL. 

Limited infrastructure for alternative renewable fuel in Ireland coupled with slow progress in technology for HGVs, makes haulage one of the most difficult sectors to decarbonise.

The VisionGreen Solution

In 2020, DHL Supply Chain Ireland and VisionGreen partnered to pilot renewable gas-powered vehicles in the DHL fleet. 

After successful implementation of HGVs running on compressed natural gas (CNG), we are now supporting DHL with a wider strategic move to alternative fuels for their transport network in Ireland.


DHL & VisionGreen’s partnership saw:

0 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced yearly
0 equivalent trees planted yearly
0 fewer barrels of crude oil consumed

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