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VisionGreen offers many services that can help you on your Climate Action Journey.

Funding and grant support are available from Local Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland for these services and VisionGreen is an approved supplier for all funding streams.

Each support stream varies based on the capabilities and size of your business in terms of implementing Climate Action, Sustainability, or Energy Management best practice or process.

VisionGreen can help you understand the best options available to you to support funding your ambitions to make a difference through your business when it comes to Climate Action.

Examples of Green Funded Assignments across all streams below

  • Resource efficiency assessment – Energy audit, Carbon Assessment 
  • Renewable Energy potential  – Solar, wind Biomass or Anaerobic Digestion 
  • Energy management systems
  • Circular economy assessments and solutions 
  • Corporate Sustainability Strategy 
  • Sustainable Transport Solutions
  • Climate Action Training
  • Green Procurement strategy
  • Sustainable packaging strategy 
  • Employee and customer engagement programmes

Get in touch and we can help you understand the best options for your business. 

Funding Source Micro <10 Employees Small EnterpriseMedium Enterprise Large Organisation
Green For MicroYes
Climate Action Voucher YesYesYes
Green Start Assignment YesYesYes
Green Plus Assignment YesYesYes

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