Knocking it out of the parc | Measuring Beauparc’s footprint

A well-established waste management and utilities corporation, Beauparc, has made a real effort to increase productivity from a sustainable development perspective. The group has significantly reduced its impact on climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and is very much on a trajectory to become carbon neutral – and possibly even carbon positive – in the near future.


Collaborating with Beauparc, we collected data from all available sources, identified gaps and established an overall data collection mechanism

Beauparc’s Problem

Being a large waste management company, Beauparc struggled to identify the highest sources of emissions. They also struggled to figure out which waste management method would be the most appropriate for which waste streams. It needed methodical and credible carbon and emissions accounting support to decide actions for improvement, with the best possible commercial outcome in mind.

The VisionGreen Solution

Our objective with this project was to help Beauparc measure their impact on climate change by calculating the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions from their operations and services. 

We worked with Beauparc to collect data from all available sources, identify gaps and establish an overall data collection mechanism. 

The data was then expertly analyzed before reporting the overall and sectoral carbon footprint results. We then devised recommended solutions for all of Beauparc’s departments including waste, transport and facilities.


Beauparc & VisionGreen’s partnership saw:

Life cycle environmental assessment of waste management streams
Clear picture of waste management methods as per waste streams
Credible insight and content developed with help of stakeholder and customer engagement

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