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Waste is bad for business, focussing on reducing waste, in any form, will improve a business’s bottom line. Our team at VisionGreen are passionate about helping our clients to reduce waste sustainably from their business and a carbon footprint helps to identify the waste or inefficiencies within a business in terms of energy management and materials consumed. 


Our tools for measuring carbon footprint have been developed in line with the standards outlined in the GHG protocol. It has set a global standard for how to measure, manage, and report greenhouse gas emissions. 


Our approach to supporting clients with carbon reporting is as follows.

  • Work with clients to gather required data on scope 1 (direct) and scope 2 (indirect) emissions. This is typically energy usage in buildings, transport and equipment and will take 2 to 5 days to complete depending on company size.
  • Increasingly companies are coming under pressure from partners, consumers and shareholders to report on their scope 3 (indirect) emissions as well. Scope 3 covers partners in the value chain supplying or using services or goods. Typically this can cover outsourced areas like transport, manufacturing or waste management. VisionGreen can work with your company to map your value chain and support the data gathering to report on scope 3 emissions. Again this will take typically 2 to 5 days to complete depending on company size.


Carbon foot printing is not just for the big companies, and there is grant support available to companies that are looking to establish their baseline carbon footprint and our team can help you access these.

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