Supermarket sweep | Sustainability metrics for Tesco

Supermarket sweep | Sustainability metrics for Tesco

Tesco operates 150+ stores in cities and towns across Ireland. Committed to a carbon neutral target by 2050, Tesco is a proud signatory of the Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI) Low Carbon Pledge. 

Previously, VisionGreen supported Tesco by helping them reduce costs and emissions, and provided vital circular economy solutions for their food waste. Under this project, VisionGreen worked on a reporting dashboard that assembled comprehensive impact data which allowed Tesco to view the tangible results of their sustainability efforts.

VisionGreen’s reporting dashboard provided Tesco with crucial transparent data on emissions reduction.

Tesco’s Problem

To support their sustainable decision-making, they required detailed environmental impact statistics and comprehensive analytics regarding their food recovery solution process.

The VisionGreen Solution

We created a data-driven impact report illustrating the environmental and societal benefits of changing Tesco’s food recovery process.

VisionGreen’s online reporting dashboard provided them with crucial transparent data on emissions reduction via a new food recovery solution. The solution provided indispensable commodity analysis on Tesco’s packaging recovery and on the impact of its emissions reduction too.

Tesco & VisionGreen’s partnership saw:

Simplification of a complicated data collection procedure
Credible data to support crucial decision-making
Credible data for marketing and promotional purposes

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