Sustainable Supply Chain

Services Include:

  •         End to End Value Chain mapping and assessment
  •         Action planning to reduce costs and emissions
  •         Project planning and management
  •         Cost to serve modelling
  •         Groupage / Consolidation
  •         Smart route planning, reducing costs and emissions
  •         Circular economy solutions
  •         Transforming your food waste to energy
  •         Measuring and reporting Value Chain carbon footprint


Case Study: Tesco

VisionGreen’s circular economy solution to help Tesco reduce costs, emissions and waste

Tesco Ireland operates over 150 stores in cities and towns across Ireland. Tesco is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050 and are a proud signatory of the BITC Low Carbon Pledge.  We work with Tesco to help them reduce costs, emissions and provide circular economy solutions with their food waste.

The problem
Tesco had a heavy emission related transport solution for collecting and recovering food waste from Tesco stores nationwide.  Food waste recovered from Tesco stores was being transported across border in Northern Ireland to change to renewable energy via anaerobic digestion.  All associated packaging with food waste was being sent to landfill or incineration. We worked with Tesco to  reduce their carbon footprint and waste material.

Our solution
VisionGreen designed and implemented a process for Tesco to transport food waste from stores on their own fleet removing need for weekly store collections via diesel trucks and reducing transport emissions. Tesco food waste is now recovered via indigenous Irish Anaerobic Digestion plant in Kildare further reducing transportation emissions. All renewable energy generated from Tesco food waste is supplied back to Tesco to heat stores. All associated packaging with food waste is fully recovered, with plastic used to make sustainable products such as recycling bins, eco-road barriers and more.


0 Tonnes CO2 emission reduced
0 Tesco stores heated annually by food waste Biogas
0 trees of equivalent carbon reduced

What the client said

We have worked side by side with VisionGreen to develop a comprehensive and  greener solution for our food waste which was groundbreaking in Ireland . We look forward to working with them  in the near future on more exciting green projects for our business”

Darrin Honer
Country Operations Manager Tesco Ireland