Green Transport Solutions

At VisionGreen, we help customers transition to sustainable logistic solutions that reduce carbon emissions, congestion and promote environmental sustainability.

Services include:

  •         Reduction in Transport related emissions
  •         Analysis of Transport portfolio and carbon impact
  •         Smart route planning, reducing costs and emissions
  •         Transition to gas power vehicles and LEV’s
  •         Measuring and reporting Transport carbon footprint
  •         Grant support
  •         Access to renewable gas
  •         Groupage / Consolidation


Case Study: BWG Foods

How VisionGreen helped BWG transition from diesel to biogas
BWG is a leading retail and wholesale distribution company operating in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. BWG owns and operates a number of leading retail brands with over 1,400 SPAR, EUROSPAR, MACE, Londis and XL stores serving local communities in partnership with independent retailers.

BWG’s problem
BWG heavily rely on diesel powered truck and were looking to reduce emissions of their transport fleet.

Our solution
BWG are using VisionGreen  gas powered trucks fueled from Biogas. Biogas is created from food and animal waste and is a carbon neutral alternative to diesel, leading to an immediate transport emission reduction for BWGs fleet.


0 Tonnes CO2 emission reduced
0 Equivalent trees planted
0 Gas powered trucks in operation

What the client said

“At BWG we are hugely aware of our responsibility to manage our operations and service to our customers in a sustainable way. We have partnered VisionGreen to help us on our journey ro reduce GHG emissions from our Transport network and we find their innovative approach to solving this problem has really complemented the work we have already done and our drive for efficiency.We launched the first to Biogas fuelled trucks this year in partnership with VisionGreen and we are looking forward to future initiatives too.”

Mark Crowe
National Transport Manager BWG Foods (SPAR Group)